Cremation Process

To help answer the question, "How do I know if my loved one is in the urn ?", we have developed our Worry Free Cremation Process... which leaves no doubt that the cremated remains of your loved one are returned to you.

* Five Steps Prior to Cremation:

  1. Our Wrist identification band is placed on your loved one at the time we come to your home, hospital or other medical care facility. A marker medallion is added prior to placement in the cremation chamber.
  2. The cremation container is labeled with your loved one's name when they are placed into our secure storage facility.
  3. Your loved one's name is entered into our facility logbook with date, time and attendant's name and then placed into our secure storage facility.
  4. Our General Manager or Office Manager reviews all cremation paperwork and permits to insure authorizations and permits have been received. One of them must sign the crematory checklist.
  5. If you wish, immediately before cremation, you may see your loved one, hold their hand and say goodbye. You can even accompany your loved one to the crematorium and see that the cremation chamber is clean and empty.

* Five Steps During and After Cremation:

  1. Your loved one is removed from our secure storage facility and noted in our facility logbook.
  2. Our crematory checklist is dated; start time noted and signed immediately before and after the cremation takes place.
  3. The crematory checklist, marker medallion and other paperwork are placed on the door of cremation chamber during the cremation process.
  4. After the cremation is completed, the cremated remains are swept out and taken to the processing station and allowed to cool. The crematory checklist, marker medallion and other paperwork are placed on the processing machine following cremation process.
  5. A label is placed on the urn, which shows the name and other personal, identifying information for your loved one. The marker medallion is placed inside the urn with the cremated remains.