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Warren Joseph Hess, age 56, of Grand Rapids, passed away at home on Saturday, June 18, 2011.

Honoring his wishes, cremation will take place and memorial services are being planned.

Arrangements were entrusted to the Michigan Cremation Company, Grand Rapids.


Let the family know you care by sharing this tribute.

13 Condolences

  1. Jessica Hulst on July 9, 2011 at 11:51 am

    I saw Warren at least once a month when I would go to Brookside for the mobile food pantry. Every time I saw him, he would greet me by saying, “Hi Jessie. You know, I have a daughter named Jessica. And her middle name is Jo. Jessica Jo! It’s your name and your grandma’s name!” I also remember going with Warren to a Whitecaps game. He teased me and my sisters on the car ride there and back, joking and laughing. When we got to the game he showed us how he could do the splits too! I know my mom and Mrs. Dunning miss him because he helped them so much moving people, setting up and cleaning up for Coffee Break, and with many other projects.

  2. Debbie A. Long on August 2, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    To the Family of Warren Hess, I apologized for signing the the guest book late, but I was at the Memorial service held for Warren. Warren was a great individual, and loved to play jokes on other individuals. But most of all Warren a great individual himself, with a great big heart. I met Warren two years ago at Brookside,and he said you are a shorty like I am. I started to laugh, and we became friends. One Wednesday Morning during Bible Study it was a full house, and not a place to sit. And I asked Warren, if anyone was sitting next to him. And he said, No but don’t you supposed to be sitting over by Myrtle? I said no I can sit next too you,and besides there is no room over by Myrtle. The next thing I knew Warren had taken my oranges off my plate, I said what happened to my oranges?, and Warren looking around as though he did not know. And finally he said I ate them all up. I’m like why did you do that? And he said, because I wanted to. I could not get mad at him because the next thing I knew Warren had gotten up out of his seat went to the kitchen , and brought back a large cup of slice oranges all for me to eat. I say why so many? He said, because I had eaten all of your oranges up. I said Warren you are too sweet, thank you, And he said you are welcome. This was a guy who loved people,and loved to play prtactical jokes but at the same time will give one a helping hand. Warren is missed by all at Coffee Break, and our Hearts aches with grief. But, Warren is sleeping peacefully in the arms of Jesus. God has changed his life for the better. May the family find comfort, peace, and joy in knowing Warren had friends who loved him dearly at Coffee Break. May God give you strength in this time of bearevement. Stay in the love of Jesus, and he shall give you perfect peace. Sincerely, Ms. Deb Long!

  3. John Meredith on August 28, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Warren Hess was one of the three most important people in my first eleven years on this planet. From him I learned to love life and enjoy living it. His was the gift of the curious mind and a want to create! I’m sorry our time together was cut short. I love you Warren and know deep in my heart you are doing flips around the sun! Thank you for being dad to me.

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