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  • Visitation:  4-8 p.m.  Wednesday at the funeral home
  • Funeral:  11:00 a.m.  Thursday at the funeral home

Susan D. (Sherman-Norman) Rhanor, age 63, of Gowen, passed away Saturday morning, Dec. 13, 2008 at Spectrum Health United Memorial-United Hospital, Greenville. The daughter of Raymond & Flora Dolly (Johnson) Sherman, she was born on Oct. 30, 1945 in Lakeview and was a graduate of Lakeview High School.

For 28 years Susan worked at the former Gibson Refrigerator Company and enjoyed sewing, crocheting, and quilting. On June 15, 1983 she married Larry E. Rhanor.

She was preceded in death by her parents; infant twin siblings; two sisters, Beverly Abbott, and Jeanette F. Rieckman; two brothers-in-law, Scotty Davis and Arden Abbott; and two nephews, Larry Chopper Sherman and Mike Rieckman.

Surviving are her husband of 25 years, Larry Rhanor of Gowen; a daughter and son-in-law, Penny & William Neese of Stanton; two sons and a daughter-in-law, Doug & Chris Norman, and Todd Norman, all of Greenville; ten grandchildren, Corey Norman, Christopher Norman, Matthew Mason, Nathan Norman, Meredith Norman, Jesse Norman, Austin Norman, Jordan Abbott, William Abbott, and Alyssa Abbott; four sisters and four brothers-in-law, Arlene Davis, Nora & Amos Sharp, Donna & Mike Toth, Joyce & John Schutte, and Bud Rieckman; two brothers and a sister-in-law, Joel & Betty Sherman, and Terry Sherman; and many nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008 at the Brown-Teman & Christiansen Funeral Home and Cremation Center, 511 S. Franklin Street, Greenville, with burial following at Lakeview Cemetery. The Rev. Bernard Loew, pastor of Sidney Christian Church, will officiate. 

Visitation is Wednesday from 4-8 p.m. at the funeral home, where envelopes for memorial contributions will be available. To send a message of sympathy to the family, sign Susies online guest book, or to share a favorite memory, please click the “Sign Guest Book” link above.


Let the family know you care by sharing this tribute.

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  1. Anonymous on December 13, 2008 at 12:00 am


    12/18/2008 –

    Chris Teliczan

    To Todd and his family, I’m very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    12/17/2008 –


    Christopher, MereBear & Austin,
    What can be said to help a young person, who has lost a beloved grandmother?
    I don’t know.
    I’ve been there and done that and still, I don’t know.
    I’m so sorry for your loss and your broken hearts.
    This verse has brought me much comfort when I needed it.
    Ecclesiastes 7:1
    Hopefully you can find some comfort here.
    I love you, Grrrandma

    12/17/2008 –


    I know there are no words to comfort you now. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    When you are overcome with grief and need strength to get through this; just stop for a moment, and feel the presence of your mom.
    The LOVE, STRENGTH & SUPPORT your mom gave you, were “GIFTS”. I’m pretty sure she would like you to remember these things.
    You are a wonderful young man and made your mom proud. When you can talk about your mom with a smile on your face again, I think she will be smiling right along with you. She walks on the other side now but still is with you.
    When Christmas comes and your heart aches for the memories of her and all that she was; remember again the “GIFTS”.
    love always margaret-ann

    12/17/2008 –

    Kathy Pollock Merritt

    Just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family.

    12/17/2008 –

    sharon l. Becher

    I am so sorry to hear of Sue’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We worked at Gibson’s together for years and than later, when Larry and Sue were trying to decide whether to purchase a new home or not, I worked with them, showing them homes in the area. I always liked Sue,she was a warm and sincere person,she never met a stranger.She will be greatly missed by all.. Sincerely, Sharon L. Becher Appleland Realty

    12/16/2008 –

    Penny Neese

    Moms is going to be sadly missed. She always tried to take care of everything and everyone. Even now that shes gone she is still taking care of the family in things that we have found around the house.(If you have been to the house you know what I mean.) I love you MOM!!!

    12/15/2008 –

    Leslie Anne Wood

    I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. Sue was a good person and I know you loved her deeply. Hang on to your memories. I am praying that God will comfort and strengthen you during this rough time.

    12/15/2008 –

    Carl Sherman

    You have my deepest sympathy from my family to your’s

    12/15/2008 –

    the Balahoskis’ Jessica

    Uncle Larry, Kids, and grandkids, so sorry to hear about the loss of your wife, mother, grandmother. If there is anything at all that i can do to help get ahold of me, and i will do my best to be there. If it is a shoulder to cry on, or to cook a meal or just to lend my ear to talk to, i will be there…

    12/15/2008 –

    Caroline Bartlette

    Dear Penny, Doug, Todd & Larry,
    It doesn’t seem like 30+ years have passed since your Mom & I worked together at Wolverine. We quickly became very good friends. Susan and I had many good times together not only going out, but also doing things together with our kids – remeber those times of canning (remember where the jars of canned things were kept when you lived at Camp Lake) and making jellies, Christmas candies, and home made gifts, talking over our delema’s with raising kids, then Larry came into the picture (a very GOOD thing).
    Always remember how much she loved you all. We know she is with the Lord and we will see her again. I like to think God has given you kids and the grandkids a special guardian angel now.
    You are in our prayers. Love Caroline (Dave) Bartlette

    12/15/2008 –

    Robert Haskill

    Sorry to here the news hope you are doing ok. Talk to you when you return to work.

    12/15/2008 –

    Sharon Jewell

    Larry, So sorry to hear about your wife’s passing, hope you are doing ok. God Bless you and your family. Sharon

    12/15/2008 –

    Shawn & Deb Hainlin

    Todd and his family are in your thoughts.

    12/14/2008 –

    Patrick and Nancy marlette

    Sorry to read the passing of your wife in the Grand Rapids Press. WE are thinking of you at this time The Marlette’s

    12/13/2008 –

    Paul Arnsby

    Larry so sorry to hear about your wife you are in my thoughts.

    Joyce Taylor

    Larry, Just want to say how sorry I am to hear about Sue’s passing. I can only hope that God is taking care of both of you.
    With Deepest Sympathy, Joyce

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Uncle Bud, Gene and I were so surprised to see Susie died.
    She was your family a long time and I am sure she’ll be missed as she is a part of your precious wife, Jeanette, who went to be with our Lord this year. I miss Jeanette and wish we could have spent more time over the years together.
    Our sympathies still remain with you also as you go through your time of mourning.
    I’ll (Barb) miss seeing Susie.
    Gene and Barb

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Todd, I know you don’t know us but we knew Mom Susie a long time as Jeanette was my aunt by marriage on Bud’s side.
    There is little we can say to take the hurt from your heart right now but know relatives and friends do care and some may be afraid to tell you, not knowing how you may take it, but they’re out there caring and feeling bad for you.
    Our car is broke down so we may not get to the services, but, we again say we’re sorry.
    Gene and Barb

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Doug and Chris, We are so sorry to hear that your Mom, Susie, passed away.
    I don’t believe we ever met, but, I know Susie’s sisters the most.
    Again, as only time will heal your hurt, but in the meantime know that there are a lot of people who care. Stay close to your family.
    Gene and Barb

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Dear Penny and Bill, I was so sad and surprised to read about your Mom passing away.
    I believe my son, Steve, and you were pretty good friends in school. Am I right, Penny. Also, Jeanette was my aunt by marriage. My dad was Bud’s brother.
    Nothing anyone can say can take away the pain of losing your Mom, so just take comfort in spending time with family and best friends through this awful time.
    Again, we are so sorry. Barb and Gene

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Larry, we are so sorry to hear about Susie. We had no idea there was a problem except having the disability of her arms.
    I,Barb, am Bud and (the late Jeanette’s) niece. We live down here next to where Bucky Rush used to live on Johnson Rd.
    Again, accept our sympathies.
    Barb and Gene

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Terry, My husband, Gene, and I are sorry for your loss. We were so surprised. Losing two sisters in one year is awful.
    I know your sisters more than you and I am not sure you remember me at all. I am Bud Rieckman’s niece, by marriage.
    Again, we are so sorry.
    Barb and Gene

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Joel and Betty, on behalf of my husband and myself, we wish to tell you how sorry we are that your family is going through the loss of a loved one again this year.
    I miss Aunt Jeanette and wish we had spent more time together.
    I do not know you boys as well as your sisters. My stepdad, Bob Rieckman was Bud’s brother. I only thought of the Rieckmans as my family not “step” anything.
    Because of car problems we may not make it to the visitation or funeral as the car is going into the car in the morning and can’t be trusted to drive.
    Again, so sorry! Barb and Gene

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Joyce and John, on behalf of my husband, Gene, and myself we were so sorry to read about Susie passing away.
    We had not seen her since Aunt Jeanette’s funeral and hadn’t heard of her being ill.
    It is so hard to lose any family member let alone two in less than a year. Joyce, I don’t know if you still work at Metron-Greenville as I hadn’t seen you there in a long time. If not, I’ll tell you that we lost Gene’s brother, Joe Higginson November 9 this year. We have mourned him a lot. We went to the home for 23 years visiting,cleaning, closets and drawers, cutting hair, etc. for him and we miss him, so, we know a little what you are feeling right now.
    Again, accept our sympathy.
    Gene and Barb

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Hi Donna (and Mike), On behalf of my husband, Gene, and I we wish to tell you how sorry we are to hear that Suz passed away. I have talked with Arlene a couple times since Aunt Jeanette passed away but she didn’t say anything about Susie..
    As I told Arlene, remember the years growing up together than your adult years together and take much happiness from those memories and let her live through your other family members by getting together frequently and remembering times spent with her.
    I had not seen her since Aunt Jeanette’s funeral.
    We’ll probably not make the visitation or funeral because our car is going to the garage for repairs in the early morning. The doors freeze up and won’t shut when we go away and there is a problem that sounds like a bad muffler but it is an “asterator” tube or something. I am sure I don’t know. I would like to be there. It is too bad that funerals seem to be family reunions too, but, being together as a family does ease the pain. I am step family by marriage but I feel you are all family.
    Again, our sympathies go out to you. Barb and Gene

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Nora and Amos, We are so sorry to hear and surprised to read that Susie had passed away. We had no idea anything, other than those poor arms of hers, was seriously wrong.
    Losing another sister in one year is hard to take. I miss “Nette.”
    Our car is going to the garage in the a.m. to be fixed, so, We don’t know if we’ll be at visitation or the funeral, much to my (Barb) regret as like seeing all of you.
    Again, accept of sympathies.
    Gene and Barb

    Gene and Barb (Sharp) Higginson

    Dear Arlene (Davis), Boy, was I surprised to see Susie passed away. Not fair losing two sisters (I really miss ‘Nette) in the same year it seems, but, we all know life is not fair but there is always a reason and good does come out of everything sometime down the road. I’ll always remember feeling so bad about Susie having to wear those braces on both arms the rest of her life, but she seemed to just take it in stride.
    You’ll get joy remembering playing together when you were small then sharing music and boyfriend stories when you were teens, then, the marriage and the birth of the nieces and nephews. Hang on dearly to those memories.
    Again, sorry for your loss. Love, Barb and Gene
    All you girls sure look like sisters.
    I was surprised you did not call me.

    Brian and Phyllis Moser

    Larry, Both Brian and I are sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself and draw comfort from your family and friends.

    Phyllis Moser

    Penny, I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

    Gary Hansen

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