Common Questions About Death and Funeral Homes

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No matter you choose to have a service at a funeral home in Muskegon, MI or a more non-traditional service, dealing with the loss of a loved one is going to be difficult, and will be a long journey. One part of the journey is asking yourself questions about the loss.


These questions usually fall into two categories: Why and How. “Why did this happen to us?” “Why did God let something like this happen?” “How will I start to feel better?” “How do I find the positive in this loss?” If you’re asking yourself these or similar questions, you are definitely not alone.


Have compassion and understanding with yourself as you grieve, and don’t try to overthink what you’re going through. Most importantly, talk about your feelings and experiences either with a loved one or a professional.


Though everyone can find themselves asking different questions, as everyone responds to grief differently, there are some common themes seen across many different grief journeys. For starters, many struggle with, “Why Aren’t My Friends Supporting Me?” Many people don’t know how to help someone that is grieving, as it’s such a personal thing to deal with. Your friends, coworkers, or even family simply might not know how to relate to what you’re going through, or they might be afraid of offending you. Tell them how you feel, and what they can do to better support you. They also ask, “Why Don’t I Feel Better Yet?” Losing someone you love isn’t like breaking a leg or spraining your wrist. There is no set amount of time that it will take your loss to heal. Let yourself grieve as long as you need to. You will start to feel better over time as you slowly reach healing milestones. Celebrate your small victories as you heal.


Others may ask, “What’s Wrong with Me?” If you feel like your grief is different or weird, don’t worry. Nothing is wrong with you. We all grieve in different ways. You might be grieving differently that someone that is facing the exact same loss as you, and that’s OK. Even if it feels like no one can understand you, try talking about your feelings.


People also ask, “What Should I Do if I Feel Like I’ll Never Get Over the Loss?” Death and loss aren’t something one should try to overcome, especially since death and loss aren’t things that anyone can fix. Instead of trying to fix the grief, learn to live with it. It will adapt as you grow, and you will slowly begin to move forward. Finally, there are lots of questions surrounding professional help like, “How Can I Tell My Doctor That I Don’t Want Medication?” Just do it. Communication is key with your health professional, especially when it comes to mental health. It’s vital that you communicate with your doctor if you don’t want to take medication, as then he or she can come up with a different plan to help you.

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