Celebrations of Life

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Many funeral homes in Grand Haven, MI offer celebration of life services. But what is a celebration of life?


Many people choose to hold a celebration of life in order to celebrate their lost loved one’s life rather than mourn their loss. Funerals are somber events, leaving many people feeling worse afterward instead of better. Celebrations of life, on the other hand, are happier occasions in which people celebrate life. A celebration of life, as the name denotes a celebration, so guests should expect a joyful event. They’re often more like parties than funerals, commemorating the deceased’s life.


Funerals are generally more subdued events at which people speak in hushed tones and have subdued manners. Celebrations of life are usually more casual with the emphasis on the positives of the person’s life rather than the sadness of their passing. Think of a celebration of life as a more upbeat memorial service. The choice to have a celebration of life instead of a funeral is usually at the behest of the deceased but can also be based on the bereaved’s personality.


Celebrations of life are most commonly held at someone’s home, a garden, park, or a rented venue, unlike funerals that are held at funeral homes and churches. However, many funeral homes are starting to offer a celebration of life services. Also, similarly to memorial services, these events are held after the cremation or burial, while some choose to hold them a year after the death as an anniversary commemoration. There really are no hard and fast rules about what celebrations of life should be. They can be whatever the bereaved and the deceased want them to be.


Since celebrations of life are unlike funerals, they require different attire other than funerals. Generally, the bereaved ask celebration of life guests to wear more casual, bright, or upbeat clothing to mark the happier tone of the occasion. Guests can also send flowers to bring color and life to the event, or to honor an aspect of the deceased’s life such as the colors of a favorite sports team or an alma mater. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can make a playlist of the deceased’s favorite music or songs to play at the event, or display some of the deceased’s prized possessions like collections, photos, or even clothing


You can also encourage guests to share funny and happy memories as well as poignant ones, ask friends and family to share their happy memories, or have people bring photos and mementos. Another option is to make a memory box or book and ask guests to write comments, memories, or leave mementos, or play a video or slide show of photos and video clips of the deceased.

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Michigan Cremation & Funeral Care is a Grand Haven, MI funeral home with a range of services. We can help you plan a service for your lost loved one. After all, no matter what you plan for your lost loved one’s celebration of life it should be positive and a chance to remember the best of the deceased’s life. Call or visit us today to learn more.

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