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A death in the family or loss of a dear friend can be a trying experience. When it happens, survivors have to decide how they would like to care for the mortal remains of their fallen loved one. The primary choices are between a casket burial or a cremation service. With the help of a professional funeral and cremation service in Greenville, MI, such as Michigan Cremation & Funeral Care, the details of these options are made clear and the decision is left to the family to make. If a preneed plan exists for the deceased, the decision is much easier, but the details still need to be considered. Here are several things to know about these two disposition options:

Advantages of Casket Burials

Choosing a casket burial with a funeral service has many unique advantages. A full-service funeral can be a memorable experience to help the healing process to begin. Most funeral services include a viewing, funeral gathering, and graveside ceremony.

  • Viewing: The viewing service is commonly referred to as a wake or visitation hours. It is a chance for family and friends to gather together in the presence of the deceased. They are able to say their final goodbyes to the person that has passed on. Because the remains are there, those who come to see their friend and loved one can suspend any residual disbelief that death has occurred. This experience frees them to begin to move through the grieving process.
  • Funeral: Gathering together to mourn the deceased is a powerful act. It signifies the sharing of their loss and burden with each other while internalizing the memory of the deceased. There is no wrong way to hold a funeral and cremation in Greenville, MI. The priority is that it provides survivors a way to remember the life and story of the deceased, their character, personality, achievements, challenges, victories, hopes, dreams, etc. These details are then taken into the minds and hearts of those who attend, becoming a part of them.
  • Graveside: The service at the side of the grave is the last moments with the body of the deceased person. It is often reserved for family and close friends, so that they may pay their respects and bid farewell to their loved one. It serves as a reminder that life ends, and all of us must use our precious time wisely. The act of placing the body in the earth in burial gives us a place where we can return and visit.

Advantages of Cremation Service

Choosing cremation as the means of dispositioning the remains of a loved one also has distinct advantages. Families and individuals that choose this option create options that are unique to this solution.

  • Earth Gentle: Even in death, many people consider it important to care for the earth. They want to make sure that they are doing their part to leave the world better than the way they found it. That’s why they choose to reduce the impact of their death by avoiding embalming chemicals and burial of caskets gilded with polluting materials and metals. For many, it’s also important to keep land available and open for future use.
  • Rest Options: After cremation, the remains are processed to ash. The ashes can be then laid to rest in a preferred manner. Some families choose to keep the inurned ashes at home. Others choose to place them in a columbarium niche. Still others will scatter them in a special place where legally permitted. The options are many and varied. Cremations also afford families the choice to take their loved one with them if they move away. In a highly mobile society, this benefit is valued by many.
  • Memorials: Because the body of the deceased is not present, a memorial service can be flexible in its timing. It can take place long after death and cremation have occurred. For many, this convenience is helpful since it allows the service to be planned well in advance, making it easier for friends and families to gather together at the appointed future time.
  • Expense: The cost of cremation care is much more affordable than a full-service funeral. The least expensive are direct cremations, but a cremation with a service is still very reasonable. This makes cremations highly beneficial to families who seek quality care at an affordable price.

Reliable Funeral and Cremation Care in Greenville, MI

In those moments after a loved one dies, families and friends may not know who to turn to for professional support and care of their loved one’s remains. That’s where the Michigan Cremation & Funeral Care can help. As a professional funeral and cremation provider in Greenville, MI, our dedicated staff consider their profession a calling to serve families in their hour of need. Visit us today at 511 S Franklin St Greenville, MI 48838, or call (616) 754-5638 for a conversation about how we can serve you.

Cremation FAQs

  • What is better cremation vs. traditional burials?
    • Choosing between a cremation and traditional burial services is really a personal decision as both options have pros and cons. 
      • A traditional burial doesn’t give you too many options when it comes to a final resting place. Generally, the choices are internment in the ground, a mausoleum, or maybe a crypt.
      • Cremation services have more elasticity in timing. The actual cremation of a body usually occurs in the same time frame as a burial, but a cremation service can happen almost anytime afterward. This gives loved ones more flexibility when it comes to planning and scheduling. Read more.
  • What are the benefits of pre-planning for funeral homes?
    • Preplanning for your funeral can help both you and your loved ones in many different ways. Here are some of the benefits of preplanning cremation services:
      • Easing your family’s burden.
      • Preplanning also helps with financial responsibility.
      • Finally, preplanning helps you maintain self-reliance. Learn more.
  • What are some ways to pay for cremation services?
    • Veterans Benefits – If you served in the military you may be eligible for veteran’s benefits, including burial, funeral or cremation at no cost. 
    • Insurance – Most life insurance policies will pay out a lump sum of money to a beneficiary when you die. 
    • Payable-On-Death Account – Payable-on-death accounts, or PODs, allow you to set money aside specifically for cremation and other death-related expenses.
    • Borrowing – Banks also offer loans specifically for cremation expenses.
    • Low-Cost Options – If you don’t have money to set aside right now, and feel like you won’t later on either, you can plan for low-cost cremation options. Read more.

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