Memorial Jewelry for After Cremation Services

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One of the hardest parts about losing a loved one is not being able to keep them close to you physically. However, thanks to memorial jewelry, this doesn’t have to be the case. Memorial jewelry is a wonderful way to remember and honor a lost loved one after cremation services in Greenville, MI. Memorial jewelry can take many forms, from necklaces and rings to lockets, pendants and bracelets, but every single style is the same in that they are all special reminders of the deceased.

What happens to jewelry after cremation?

The goal of cremation jewelry is to display and protect the cremated remains in a stylish and unique way. Most memorial jewelry is made with the same technique. Once a body is cremated, the family sends the cremains to a jeweler. The remains are made up of minerals like calcium phosphates, are then added to a mixture of metals or other materials from silver and gold to platinum using special encasement methods to mold the remains and the metals together.

Since every person’s chemical makeup is slightly different, every piece of memorial jewelry will have a slightly different chemical reaction. These different reactions create different colors, shapes, and patterns. In other words, every piece of memorial jewelry will be just as unique as the person it’s made from. Families can also choose to include items like hair or dried flowers in the jewelry piece to make it even more special.

Memorial jewelry is just one of the many options you have to memorialize a lost loved one after a cremation. If memorial jewelry isn’t for you, you can always choose a more traditional method like a displaying the remains in a cremation urn, scattering them, burying them, or putting up a headstone.

If you’re considering memorial jewelry for your lost loved one, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For example, be sure to think about material. Though you can have memorial jewelry in almost any material, you should think about how and how often you’re going to wear it, as some materials are more durable than others. For example, if you’re making a ring that you’re only going to wear on special occasions, resin is fine. However, if you want to wear the ring on a daily basis, you need a stronger material like silver.

You also need to Also keep in mind how the deceased would want to be memorialized. Think about his or her styles, preferences, and even interests for inspiration. How do you think you could best memorialize your lost loved one? Don’t forget to think about style, too. You should choose memorial jewelry in a style that you will actually wear. If you don’t like big pendants, maybe choose a small bracelet or locket. Be sure that you choose a style that fits your comfort level or consider a piece that is simple and timeless for the coming generations.

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Cremation Jewelry FAQs

What is cremation jewelry?
Cremation jewelry is jewelry crafted from a loved one’s cremated remains. Cremation jewelry comes in an almost infinite variety of styles, sizes, and forms. Pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces, lockets, and other items are available.


Can I wear my cremation jewelry?
Cremation jewelry is not the average piece of jewelry. Cremation jewelry contains an intimate and tangible reminder of the deceased that can be worn discreetly. It is not for all to wear cremation jewelry. Although some people appreciate the chance to have their loved ones close to them, others think it’s strange to wear ashes around your neck.


How do you fill cremation jewelry?
A small funnel is provided with most orders and can be used to fill most cremation jewelry. Simply place the funnel over the jewelry’s opening, spoon a small amount of ashes into the funnel, and use a toothpick to help direct the ashes all the way into the opening. For friendly assistance, please contact us.

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