How to Get Your Home Ready for a Memorial

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While there are many places to host a memorial after a cremation service in Muskegon, MI, many bereaved prefer to have the gathering at their home. And a memorial at home is a wonderful idea, whether this is because the deceased had a special connection to the house or because the bereaved want to keep the event intimate.

If you want to host a memorial for your lost loved one at your home, you do need to spend time getting your home ready. Here are some tips for prepping your home for a memorial event. To begin, try updating your furniture or doing a deep clean. A brand-new couch is pricey, but reupholstering your existing couch just takes a few hours and some creativity. You can update other furniture, too, like chairs and tables with a new stain or coat of paint. The best way to prep you’re home for a memorial is to do a deep clean. Start in the high traffic rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces, but don’t forget the extra rooms like bedrooms, offices, and basements.

Want to make your home look updated for the memorial? Change out the fixtures. It’s incredible how much changing fixtures can change a room. Whether you’re updating frosted glass pendant lights or ripping out nasty old ceiling fans in lieu of more modern ones, spend the weekend changing your dated fixtures for a quick home update.

Don’t forget to give your window treatments some love or clean tile and grout. Window treatments can get dirty if left unattended. A quick way to make your home feel new again is to clean your treatments. You can even repaint or re-stain them if you want to add a new pop of color. Nothing makes a bathroom or kitchen seem older and dirtier than stained grout or tile. Buy a cheap tile and grout refreshing kit at your local hardware store or online and spend the afternoon scrubbing. It might take some elbow grease, but your kitchen and bathroom will look good as new.

cremation service in Muskegon MI 10 300x201 Finally, make space for your pet, organize cords, add greenery, and do some painting. Your home should be free from pet clutter for the event. Take some time on your weekend to carve out a dedicated space for your pet and all its accessories. Cords hanging off the TV, tangled by the nightstand, or snaking around your desk look plain messy. Clear away and organize your cords by investing in some cheap cord organizers and power strips. Plants, flowers, and other greenery always add life and color to a space. Worried about watering? Buy some fake plants. Few things update a space more than a fresh coat of paint. You can totally change the color of a room for a super new look, or you can just give the existing color a refresh.

Sometimes it’s the smallest of changes in your home that make the biggest impact when you want it to look nice for a memorial. Michigan Cremation & Funeral Care is here to help if you want more tips or information on Muskegon, MI cremation services.

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