How Has the Pandemic Affected Funeral Home Services?

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An important part of the mourning process after someone dies is having a service of some kind after a funeral at a funeral home in Muskegon, MI. Services allow the bereaved to gather together and support one another in their grief by remembering their lost loved one. But now we have the COVID-19 pandemic.

With safety guidelines asking people to stay apart from one another, how can the bereaved gather to mourn their loss? Graduation ceremonies, weddings, birthday parties, and other big events can be postponed, but funerals and memorials are different. How can you have a memorial or funeral during a pandemic?

To begin, some traditions will need to be let go, at least for now. Comforting the bereaved through hugging, handshakes or other physical touch isn’t possible right now. The same goes for sharing a meal after the service with a large group of people and traveling long distances for the service.

But there are ways that the majority of other traditions can take place while keeping the bereaved and staff safe! For example, look into virtual services. Though many people won’t be able to be at the service in person, they can still attend virtually. Most funeral homes are equipped with video streaming and recording technology to give online guests a comprehensive experience all from their computers, phones, laptops, or tablets. Loved ones near and far can celebrate the deceased safely in these trying times through live virtual services or by viewing recorded services. You also need to take safety into account when planning. It’s important to keep people safe while planning a service. To do this, it’s best to limit planning appointments to two people in person, though others can be present on the phone or via video call. You can also plan the service entirely remotely through video calls, screenshots, emails, and phone calls.

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Cremation allows the family to postpone since the body will be preserved in its ash-like state. If you choose to have a funeral, you can host a small one and then have a large memorial service when it’s safe to do so. There are also small services. Small families are able to host small, intimate services for their lost loved ones in person as most states have a 10-person gathering limit. While it’s not the best option, the bereaved do have the ability to postpone a memorial service until it’s safe for everyone to attend.

It is possible to have services for your lost loved one even in the time of COVID-19. While it might be different than you imagined, it will still be beautiful, respectful, and meaningful.

Do you need help planning a service that’s safe and meaningful? Michigan Cremation & Funeral Care is here to help. Our staff is well-trained and has the experience necessary for a customized and unique celebration that can be held at any time preferred by the family. Call us today to learn more about services in the time of COVID-19 or about Muskegon, MI funeral homes.

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