How a Body is Prepared for Cremation

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What happens to the body after death? How long before the cremation takes place? What happens after the cremation? Your loved one has died, and they chose a cremation service in Grand Haven, MI. Here are all the details of how a body is prepared for cremation.

First, the funeral home or crematory picks up the body. After the death, the funeral home or crematory of your choice will usually pick up the body and bring it to the funeral home or crematory. Once there, it will be placed in a prep room or in refrigeration. Next comes service planning. The bereaved will then meet with a funeral director or cremation provider to plan service if desired and determine the cremation details.

The body is kept in a refrigeration unit between 36 and 39 degrees to slow decomposition. If the deceased or bereaved choose direct cremation, the body will stay refrigerated till the cremation. If they choose a public viewing, the body would be placed in a prep room for embalming. The cremation provider will then prep the body by removing all jewelry, pacemakers, or medical devices in order to prevent melting or explosions during the cremation process. Jewelry is returned to the family, and medical devices are often recycled or returned to the family.

If the family or deceased chooses direct cremation, no other preparation is required. If the family decides on public viewing, the body will be embalmed, bathed, dried, dressed, and put in a casket. Next comes identity verification. After preparation, a family member or next-of-kin will complete an ID Verification form to signify that the body has been adequately identified and is ready to be cremated or viewed at a service. Each facility and state have different procedures, but your funeral director or cremation provider will walk you through each step. Finally, there’s the cremation itself. After the body is identified and after any chosen service, the body is then placed in a cremation container. Cremation services in Grand Haven MI 2 300x199

Cremation containers can be solid wood caskets designed for cremation or corrugated cardboard boxes also designed for cremations. The cremation container with the body inside is then put into the chamber and heated between 1400 and 2000 degrees for about two hours. Some crematories allow family members to view the cremation itself. If you wish to view the cremation, speak with your provider. After the cremation, the remains are cooled for about an hour and then processed through a machine that grinds the remaining bones into powder. These powdered remains are returned to the family in an urn of their choice or another kind of container.

There are only the basics of how a body is prepared for cremation. Michigan Cremation & Funeral Care is here to help if you want to learn more about the cremation process or Grand Haven, MI, cremation services in general. Stop by and pay us a visit or give us a call today for more information on what we can do for you in your time of loss.

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