Cost of Cremation Services

cremation services in Grand Haven, MI

A recent study found that cremation services in Grand Haven, MI, and the rest of the country can cost between 20% to 30% less than the average funeral service. That can add up to a fair amount of savings.

Cremation services are generally very cost-effective. However, they can cost more if you choose to spend more on extra goods or services. Do you know exactly what goes into the cost of cremation services?

Most cremation services include at least the cremation itself, with a few other smaller services added on. Generally, the cost of the cremation itself includes transferring the body from the place of death to a funeral home or holding place, as well as body identification, legal form processing, transferring the body to the crematory, the cremation and delivery of cremated remains to the designated party.

The crematory fees cover the cost of the cremation itself and a temporary container or urn to hold the cremains until their final disposition. Most fees also cover cremation containers. Cremation containers are combustible containers usually made of materials like wood, cardboard, cloth-covered wood fiver, plywood, or other flammable materials. The body is placed in the cremation container for the cremation process to protect the body during transportation and to maintain the deceased’s dignity. Cremation containers can cost as little or as much as you want, as they range from basic free ones provided by the crematorium to more ornate wooden containers.

People can add on a wide range of additional services to these basic cremation costs including church services, memorial services, urns, and more depending on what they need or want. For example, cremations may have additional costs because of how the cremains are handled after the cremation. Disposition methods can range from affordable options like the bereaved picking up the cremains themselves, to more expensive options like mailing the cremains, or traveling to scatter them in a special location. Scattering ceremonies can sometimes cost thousands of dollars depending on the bereaved preferences.

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Additionally, most funeral homes and crematories charge a fee per-copy for the death certificate. This fee can be anywhere from $5-$20, so be sure to check with your provider for a specific number. The more copies of the death certificate you want the more expensive it will be. There may be additional fees for permits or extra costs depending on the state, so always ask your provider about what is and is not included in the cost. For example, in Pennsylvania, one must file a cremation permit for $5.

Always ask for a specific quote from your cremation provider as fees and costs vary from crematory to crematory, as well as from state to state. If you’re looking for Grand Haven, MI cremation services Michigan Cremation & Funeral Care is here to help. We offer a wide range of services all at many different price points, so there is something for everyone and every budget. Please stop by and visit us today to learn more.

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